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The Forex Association of India, affiliated to “Association of Cambiste Internationale”, Paris is a National Organisation whose members are Treasury Managers, Foreign Exchange Dealers and Foreign Exchange Brokers who are actively involved in Foreign Exchange Trading and Foreign Exchange Risk Management. The members of the Association are drawn from Foreign Exchange Dealing Rooms of all Nationalised Banks, Foreign Banks, Private Sector Banks, and some Corporate Dealing Rooms.

Foreign Exchange Dealers in India represent Authorized Dealers i.e. commercial banks. They are front line users of the Foreign Exchange Market and their primary function is to be “price providers” to other users, viz., importers and exporters, and investors with inward and outward capital flows.

Forex Association of India is a self-financing body. The Association tries to ensure that the markets are transparent and Foreign Exchange transactions are conducted in as professional a manner as possible. It is an informal forum for exchanging news and views on the latest developments, both financial and technological, amongst professionals.

Some of the activities of the Association are:

  • Organising seminars on various subjects such as Technical Analysis, Derivative Products – Options, futures, Interest Rate Swaps, etc.
  • Organising meetings periodically to discuss problems and issues facing the Forex community. In this regard the Association has formed a “Market Watch Committee” which would discuss problems and present views and suggestions to the Regulators.
  • Organising training programmes for members to prepare them for the ACI Diploma Examination. For this, the “Education Committee” has been formed.
  • Organising National Forex assembly every four years for its members.

The Association has successfully hosted

  • International Junior Forex in 1985.
  • 15th Asia Pacific Forex Assembly in 1993.
  • 2nd South Asian Forex Dealers’ assembly in 1998.
  • 21st Asia pacific congress,2000

This website is intended to be the focal point for interaction with in the Indian Forex community and as the starting point for anyone looking for information on the Indian Forex markets. It is our pleasure to invite you to use this website to your benefit and contact us in case you need further information on any associated subject.

Forex Association of India.
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