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  1. rajendra says:

    i want to take registration ,and get training class of full course please reply me i want to invest money in forex trading

  2. wahidkhan says:

    Dear sir,

    Can I trade international currencies in India. Which broker is doing legal forex trading in India, please suggest me about forex trading like eur/usd, gbd/usd, gbp/jpy, usd/jpy etc (all international currencies only)

  3. jayesh janegar says:

    is forex legal in india ?

  4. shyamjee says:

    Dear Sir,
    Please let me know how to update the records of our dealer in the directory. As most of the dealers name appearing in the directory has been left the dealing room.
    dena bank

  5. kulbir singh says:

    we are ffmc in delhi since 1997 as well as iata agent since1998 we want to become member is it possible thx kulbirsingh

  6. hemchandra says:

    try for make process easy for all type of registrations or single window system.

  7. atul says:

    Hi ForexIndia,
    I heard that trading in foreign currency is illegal in India. Is it so?
    I am thinking of trading in forex market. will you please help me providing information about the best platform for trading including their service, cost of transaction, spread, and the tools they provide.

  8. Kapildev Tiwari says:

    I am working on the project “Forex market in India”. Where can I find the data (figures) on Indian Forex market from April 1991 to March 2011. If you could help me please send the details on my mail Id. Thanks.

  9. S. P. Pany says:

    I want to trade forex. So where can I get off line training/coaching about the use of various forex indicators.

  10. Rahul jain says:

    Can I get the list of all General Managers, Executive Directors, CMD and treasury head for all PSU Banks, Foreign Bank, Private Bank and other Financial institutions.


    Many Indian Residents are playing Forex Trading through Internet based Platform ( registered outside India). Many of them has opened up thei liason office in India like Mirror Forex in Noida, Forexcentral in Banglore, Iforex in Mumbai.
    When we ask them about it’s legality & permission with RBI, either they keep silent or taking grant under umberalla of NBFC.
    My question is whether such activities which is permitted worldwide in almost all countries be valid in India or not !!

    If now what would be legal consequenses when one individual sumbit Profit or Loss return to Income Tax Department & sunsequently inform to FEMA Authorities !!

    Please give us opinion based to prevailing Law enforced in India specially consulting to RBI cell.

    Thanks & Regards

    Sanjay Jain

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